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Lost Film Fest

Thursday February 17!

Lost Film Fest: a laugh-a-riot event with equal emphasis on both "laugh" and "riot" focussing on pranks vs. corporations and government institutions. If George W. Bush makes you puke, you dig pie fights with cops, riot footage, and culture jamming, you'll love the punk rock urgency of the Lost Film Fest and its celebration of illegal-art. You've seen the US-centric Fahrenheit 911, now it's time to check out something that's more global in scope. LFF is a truly independent, anti-authoritarian, anti-corporate, grassroots, DIY, media extravaganza with a sexy, smash-it-up, radical, anti-capitalist, anti-globalization perspective. Come see what they won't show you on network television.

For more info see

Tallahassee Progressive Center
1720 S. Gadsden St.
Directions: From the Capitol Building drive south on Monroe St. Turn left at the second stop light after the railroad overpass (Palmer St.), and then the next right onto Gadsden. The Center is the big two story white building on the right.

Sponsored by: Center for Participant Education & Students United for Peace and Justice

x-posted to every community dealing with Tally news. Sorry folks, but this is going to be a kick-ass event that we want everyone to have the opportunity to come out to.
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